No. 57
The Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Foreign Ministers of the United States the United Kingdom, and France1


I acknowledge receipt of your letter of 26 May 1952.2 The Federal Government notes that, in the opinion of the Three Powers, the [Page 162] maintenance of the Control Council Provisions listed in that letter is necessary in connection with their rights relating to Berlin and to Germany as a whole. The Federal Government is of the opinion that these provisions for the most part represent provisions of internal procedure of the Control Council which cannot be the subject of German legislative authority and which, therefore, cannot be deprived of effect by German legislative bodies. The Federal Government recognizes that the remainder of these provisions, which relate to interzonal traffic, fall within the right of the Three Powers relating to Berlin and to Germany as a whole.

  1. Source: Reprinted from Senate Q and R, pp. 151–152.
  2. Document 56.