Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 197

No. 524
Proposal of the Soviet Delegation1



Item 2 of the Agenda:

the german question and the problem of ensuring european security

Realising the importance for Germany of easing and expanding economic ties between Western and Eastern Germany as well as of creating more favourable conditions for developing German national culture, a recommendation should be made to the appropriate organs of Western and Eastern Germany that:

an all-German Committee should be constituted whose functions would be to agree and co-ordinate all questions relating to trade, financial transactions, transport, frontiers and such other questions as are connected with economic relations;
an all-German Committee should be constituted for promoting the development of cultural and scientific ties and of sporting events in order to remove obstacles in the way of the development of German national culture.

  1. This proposal was introduced at the twentieth plenary on Feb. 17. For a record of that meeting, see Sectos 159 and 162, Documents 488 and 489.