Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 196

No. 509
Proposal of the French Delegation1



Draft Resolution Regarding the Calling of a General Disarmament Conference

The Governments of the United States of America, of France, of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and of the United Kingdom,

Convinced that the solution of international controversies, necessary for the establishment of a lasting peace, would be considerably aided by an agreement on disarmament,

Persuaded that such an agreement on a coordinated disarmament programme, accompanied by indispensable guarantees, placed under international control and authorizing only those armaments necessary for the individual or collective security of the different States, would lessen the burden which military expenditure entails for the different countries, and would contribute to the re-establishment of confidence among the nations,

Declaring that any sincere effort to attain this goal demands that, in order to achieve the ending of all hostilities, the encouragement and support of aggression be condemned and outlawed everywhere,

Pledge themselves to join their efforts to those of the United Nations Disarmament Commission in order that the latter may reach substantial agreement on the general principles of disarmament which would permit the convening of a general disarmament conference, in conditions favorable to its success, in conformity with the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly of January 11, 1952.2

  1. This proposal was introduced at the fifth plenary on Jan. 29. For a record of this meeting, see Secto 53, Document 383.
  2. For this resolution, see Department of State Bulletin, Mar. 31, 1952, pp. 507–508.