396.1 BE/1–2854: Telegram

No. 380
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Aldrich) to the Secretary of State, at Berlin1


71. Embtel 3085, January 20 to Department, repeated Paris unnumbered.2 During extended and frank conversation with Embassy official today, Rodionov, Soviet Embassy diplomatic contact, made following points: [Page 867]

Press rumors that 12 Chinese Communist representatives had arrived in Berlin were “absolutely without foundation”.
Nevertheless, presence Federenko with Soviet delegation in Berlin is significant. Federenko is foremost Soviet expert on China. “When writing in Russian, Federenko’s script shows influence of Chinese characters”.
USSR would welcome Korean political conference and would be glad participate on understanding it could attend (a) as neutral or (b) at round-table conference with identification with one side or the other. Communist insistence that USSR could not attend as member of Communist side was inspired by Moscow and was not result Chinese Communist initiative. Soviet Union was, and insisted on being regarded as, neutral in Korean struggle.
It is idle to hope for progress at Berlin on German and Austrian problems. Solution these problems can only be reached after Western powers have shown willingness relax tensions through agreement to (a) outlaw atomic weapons, (b) abandon advanced bases on iron curtain periphery, and (c) reduce percentagewise present armed forces.
Communist China, as one of five great powers, entitled to be represented in any discussions of problems of world significance, especially those indicated in immediately preceding paragraph.

Above discussion arranged on initiative Rodionov who, however, stated views expressed were his own and not necessarily those of his government.

  1. Repeated to Paris and Washington; the source text is the copy in Department of State files.
  2. Telegram 3085 reported on a conversation between an official of the French Embassy and Rodionov in which the latter stated that no major agreements would be reached at Berlin. (396.1 BE/1–2054)