396.1 LO/10–1653: Telegram

No. 298
The United States Delegation at the Tripartite Foreign Ministers Conference to theDepartment of State 1
secret priority

Secto 8. At meeting this afternoon Foreign Ministers considered security guarantees in relation to tripartite experts meeting in Paris next week.2 Eden explained object of meeting to prepare tripartite positions on all possible phases Lugano meeting on assumption Soviets will accept invitation to meeting. He summarized British thoughts on security guarantees which based on fact that elements of security arrangements such as UN already in existence. British have three proposals none of which ideal:

A NATO declaration or agreement that if Germany or EDC committed aggression NATO Treaty would come into effect and victim would be defended even though it might be USSR or satellite.
Agreement between UK, US, France, USSR, and Germany for mutual assistance in case of attack across German borders.
Nonaggression pact between the EDC and USSR as supported by US and UK guarantees.

Bidault then summarized views outlined in Paris telegram to Department 1452, October 13.3 He stressed that these ideas should be kept secret and that if we can agree on what to do there will still be question of when and how to do it.

Secretary expressed doubt that USSR, in view its own record, rates nonaggression pacts very high. He suggested emphasizing purely defensive character of EDC at every opportunity, mentioning particularly coming Hague meeting. Also explained that tying guarantees closely to UN Charter will greatly facilitate US ratification. He mentioned particularly Article II, Sections 4 and 6 of UN Charter and suggested experts keep these two sections in mind during Paris discussions.

It was agreed that discussions in Paris should begin October 21, last approximately 10 days, and be conducted in light of above.

  1. Repeated to Paris.
  2. For documentation on the meetings of the tripartite working group at Paris, see Documents 312 ff.
  3. Not printed. The proposed French guarantee envisaged (1) a declaration by NATO reaffirming its devotion to the U.N. Charter and restating the defensive character of the alliance; (2) a declaration by the Federal Republic not to seek forceful modification of the territorial settlement of 1945; and (3) a declaration by the Occupying Powers noting the Federal Republic’s declaration and guaranteeing it with respect to the Soviet Union. (640.611/10–1353)