No. 225
Editorial Note

At its 166th meeting on October 13, the National Security Council took the following action with respect to Germany:

“Agreed, on the recommendation of the Secretary of Defense, that April 1, 1954, should be established as the planning date on which the German military build-up will effectively begin, as a guide to the scheduling of production and delivery of equipment for the German military forces, assuming prior EDC ratification.”

The text of this action was transmitted to Bonn, Berlin, Paris, and London in circular airgram CA–2170, October 19. (762A.5/10–1953)

On April 9, 1954, these four posts were informed that because of the failure of France and Italy to ratify the EDC, but with the expectation that they would by July 1, the date October 1, 1954, should be substituted for April 1 as the planning date on which the [Page 544] German military buildup would begin. (Circular airgram CA–5698, 762A.5/4–954)