762A.0221/3–1152: Telegram

No. 142
The Secretary of State to the Office of the United States High Commissioner for Germany, at Bonn1


1978. Subj: 1953 GOAG Budget. Below is verbatim text Bur Ger Affrs draft statement basic policy objectives for use 1953 budget highlight statement. Dept shld be consulted if HICOG desires any changes fol draft.

The maintenance of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between the US and the FedRep of Ger.
Continuing and effective participation by the FedRep on a basis of equality in the EDC, itself within a developing Atlantic community, and in the promotion of the polit, econ, and social welfare necessary to a strong and durable Eur.
The maintenance of the allied position in Berlin and the pol, econ, and psychological strengthening of the western sectors of Berlin.
Support of democratic elements in Germany and frustration of the Communist aim to get control of all Ger.

The peaceful unification of all Ger under conditions of freedom.

End verbatim text.

Believe above statement will provide clear summary answer to question raised recurrently by Cong and others of what is US fon [Page 332] pol toward Ger. List pages 3 and 4 submission to Bud Bur2 viewed as basic functions or activities rather than policy aims and as such shld be retained in Congressional submission to support requirements on level staffing, on staffing not normal other missions and on level program expenses. However, redrafting nec to avoid appearance repetition of above statement policy objectives and to remove connotations offensive to Gers,.

  1. Drafted by Robert Klaber of GER and cleared with GPA, GAI, and GEA.
  2. Not further identified.