S/SNSC files, lot 63 D 351, NSC 150 Series

No. 966
Statement of Policy by the National Security Council1

NSC 150/1

National Security Interests in the St. Lawrence–Great Lakes Seaway Project

Early initiation and completion of the St. Lawrence–Great Lakes Seaway is in the interest of national security.
The United States should promptly take whatever action may be appropriate to clear the way for commencement of the project, whether by Canada alone or, now or as may be later developed, by Canada and the United States jointly.
It is desirable that the U.S. participate in the construction of the Seaway; the extent of and limitations upon such participation to be the subject of separate determination by authority other than the National Security Council.
  1. Attached to the source text were a cover sheet; a note by the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council, James S. Lay, Jr., dated Apr. 23, informing the Council of the President’s approval of NSC 150/1; and a memorandum by Lay dated Apr. 27 announcing the declassification of this statement of policy on that date, none printed. NSC 150 was approved by the Council during its 140th meeting on Apr. 22, subject to the revision of paragraph 3. The revised statement of policy was then approved by President Eisenhower on Apr. 23 and issued as NSC 150/1. As indicated in Lay’s memorandum of Apr. 27, it was then released to the press 4 days later. (S/SNSC files, lot 63 D 351, NSC 150 Series)