No. 950
The Ambassador in Canada (Woodward) to the President1


Dear Mr. President: Following your instructions, I spoke with Prime Minister St. Laurent about the St. Lawrence Project and the possibility of having another look at the allocation of costs, to make sure we are not loading too much of the price on the power development.

The Prime Minister says that: “In the circumstances, our public would fail to see that there are justifiable grounds on which to reopen this question now and I feel that any attempt to do so would entail long delays even if we could ultimately succeed in doing the educational work required to secure the approval of our public.”

In a letter to me of October 27th,2 he expresses this objection and other reasons for his views, and he has asked me to pass them on to you with his warmest regards. A copy of his letter is enclosed.

Although there was a good deal of sentiment in Washington during the International Joint Commission meetings, among Canadians, as well as among Americans, for another look at the cost allocations, I think we have a reasonably good deal on the basis of our exchange of Notes with Canada dated June 30, 1952, and that we should proceed now on that basis.

As always,

Most sincerely yours,

Stanley Woodward
  1. A copy of this letter was transmitted to the Department of State in Despatch 429 from Ottawa, Oct 29. (611.42321/10–2952)
  2. Supra.