No. 946
Editorial Note

On September 2, G. Hayden Raynor met with Ambassador Wrong to discuss plans for an informal and unannounced visit by Lester Pearson to Washington September 4–5. He was expected to arrive mid-afternoon, hold brief meetings with appropriate persons, have dinner with a small group including Secretary Acheson at the Embassy or Chancery, and leave Washington after lunch on September [Page 2036] 5. The Ambassador said Pearson wanted to discuss NATO questions, the United Nations General Assembly’s handling of the Korean question, and the status of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project. (Memorandum of conversation, by Raynor, September 2, 1952; 742.13/9–252) Records of a Pearson visit and discussions of September 2–4 have not been found in Department of State files.