No. 944
Editorial Note

The Department of State announced on June 30 that an application had been submitted by the United States Government to the International Joint Commission for an order of approval of the construction of works for power development in the International Rapids Section of the St. Lawrence River. The Canadian Government submitted a concurrent application in Ottawa. Agreement on the final details of the applications was reached at a meeting in Washington on June 30 between Acting Secretary of State Bruce and the Canadian Minister of Transport, Lionel Chevrier. At the meeting Bruce and Ambassador Wrong exchanged notes in which the Ambassador reiterated the intention of the Canadian Government to construct a deep sea waterway from Montreal to Lake Erie [Page 2035] when arrangements had been completed for power development. It was agreed that the seaway, to be built on the Canadian side of the international boundary, would be constructed as nearly as possible concurrently with the power development. The above information and texts of the Canadian and United States notes of June 30, are printed in Department of State Bulletin, July 14, 1952, page 65.