No. 935
The Under Secretary of State (Hoover) to the Ambassador in Peru (Tittmann) 1


Dear Ambassador Tittmann : I have given careful thought to your confidential letter of December 82 in which you are kind enough to outline your views regarding diplomatic relations with the Holy See. I well appreciate, of course, the importance which this would have for many of our Latin American friends.

There is no need for me to go into the history of this matter which is so well discussed in the memorandum which you enclose.

The features which are discussed in your letter relating to whether the diplomatic mission would be an embassy or a legation and the administrative matters such as allowances are of course not decisive. I also agree that perhaps the American representative should, if one ever is approved, best be a non-Catholic.

From what I know of this situation, the possibility of the appointment of an American diplomatic representative to the Holy See, is frankly, remote. The reasons for this, as you well know, are largely of a domestic character. They continue, however, overriding.

Naturally, I shall be glad to keep this matter before me and I have especially noted your personal interest in it. Should the situation evolve, perhaps we can discuss it again.

With cordial regards and best wishes, believe me,

Sincerely yours,

Herbert Hoover, Jr.
  1. Drafted by Murphy and approved in substance by Jones.
  2. Supra .