711.56352/6–1252: Telegram

No. 859
The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Spain 1


1076. USNEG. We agree completely with Kissner’s comments to Vigon (para 1 Embtel 13352) re desirability more precise info re types and amount equipment Spans desire. Since Vigon has promised provide this info next week we have decided hold in abeyance comments we are preparing to send you re Vigon memo (Embtel 13213) pending receipt this further info from Vigon. We wld prefer be able give full response Vigon memo rather than partial answer at this time which at best wld be based on only partial info re Span desires.

FYI only we are prepared to consider increasing amount for mil aid to Spain out of $125 million within limitations imposed by supply and priority conditions and considerations re econ program. However before doing so we will require more detailed info Vigon has promised as well as ur comments and recommendations. Make up of Span desires for mil aid and price tag thereon may turn out to be heart of problem. For example cld Span minimum requirements for armed forces be met with a program of $25 or $30 million a year over two or three year period over and above mil component of present $125 million, we wld be willing to seek agreet within US Govt shld this be necessary to conclude agreet with Spans. Obviously any program of greater magnitude is out of question. You will be first to realize importance giving no indication foregoing possibility to Spans. In this connection commend Kissner’s emphasis to Vigon that no implication addtl aid involved in suggestion re amplification Span desires.

FYI only, order further help in meeting Span desires re mil equipment, we are prepared to consider increasing aid to Span munitions industry to assist them in producing mil equipment they desire and can produce, if they wish to divert for this purpose more than $5 million from $125 million.

  1. Drafted by Dunham and cleared with Billingsley, McCaffery, Cabot, DePaul, Weir, Conner, Rogers, and Byington.
  2. See footnote 2, supra .
  3. Supra .