No. 712
Editorial Note

On March 20, Ambassador Matthews addressed a personal note to Foreign Minister Aiken expressing regret that after genuine personal exploration with the highest United States officials, he had been unable to discover any means under existing United States legislation by which the United States Government could complete a program of assistance to Ireland. His message reads in part as follows: “I accordingly have now to inform Your Excellency that, as a result of the suspension of assistance to Ireland, the offices of the Economic Cooperation Administration Special Mission to Ireland, which under the provisions of the Mutual Security Act of 1951 is now named the Mutual Security Agency Special Mission to Ireland for Economic Cooperation, will be closed on April 8, 1952, on which date the Mission’s activities will be effectively terminated.” A copy of the note was transmitted to Washington in despatch 555 from Dublin, March 20. (740A.5 MSP/3–2052)