No. 703
Editorial Note

A brief period of negotiating on the basis of the instructions contained in telegram 238 to Reykjavik, supra , resulted in the signing on May 25 of a Supplementary Agreement to the May 5, 1951, United States-Icelandic base agreement. By the terms of the Supplementary Agreement, the authorized ceiling of United States personnel in Iceland was raised substantially, rotational training of air units was permitted, provision was made for the installation of anti-aircraft artillery, and authorization was granted for the construction by the United States of a port needed for logistic support. The agreement satisfied the Icelandic desire for increased participation [Page 1536] in the construction program, for a training program for Icelandic labor, and for stricter regulation of the movement and activities of United States personnel within Iceland. Copies of the documents constituting the Supplementary Agreement were transmitted in despatch 335 from Reykjavik, May 28. (740B.5/5–2854)