No. 517
Editorial Note

Representatives of the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and the Federal Republic of Germany met in Bonn May 23–26 for a series of meetings which led to final agreement on the terms of the contractual agreements ending the Allied occupation of Germany. Secretary Acheson, heading a large delegation from the United States, signed these agreements in Bonn on May 26 along with Foreign Minister Schuman, Foreign Secretary Eden, and Chancellor Adenauer. For documentation concerning these contractual agreements, see volume VII, Part 1, page 1 ff.

Following the signing ceremony in Bonn, Acheson traveled to Paris to participate in the signing ceremonies, May 27, for the treaty establishing a European Defense Community. For documentation on United States efforts to encourage signing of the EDC Treaty, see volume V, Part 1, pages 571 ff. While in Paris, Acheson held a series of bipartite and tripartite meetings with representatives of the United Kingdom and France. On Tuesday, May 27, the day of the formal signing ceremonies, Acheson had a luncheon meeting with Schuman; no record of this conversation has been found in Department of State files. During the morning of May 28, representatives of the United States, the United Kingdom, and France held a meeting at which they discussed Indochina and matters relating to Germany. For the minutes of the first part of this meeting, which concerned Indochina, see volume XIII, Part 1, page 157; for a summary of the second part of the meeting, transmitted to the Department of State in telegram 7397 from Paris, May 28, see volume VII, Part 1, page 255.

During the afternoon of May 28, bipartite talks were held with the French concerning North Africa. Following this meeting, Acheson met with President Auriol and then attended a second bipartite [Page 1206] discussion with the French; records of these meetings are printed infra and Document 519.

Numerous position papers were prepared in the Department of State in preparation for these tripartite and bipartite talks. Copies of these papers are in Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 109–110.