No. 505
Editorial Note

After extensive preparations during January and early February 1952, a series of Foreign Ministers meetings was held in London, February 13–19. Bipartite meetings between the United States and France dealt with the question of the size of the French financial contribution to the defense of Western Europe and with the relationship of the European Defense Community to NATO. Tripartite and quadripartite talks among representatives of the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and the Federal Republic of Germany were largely occupied with discussion of the German financial contribution to Western defense, security controls in Germany, and the treatment of war criminals. The Foreign Ministers subsequently traveled to Lisbon where, in addition to attending the Ninth Session of the North Atlantic Council, February 20–25, they [Page 1167] continued to discuss problems of mutual concern. For documentation concerning these meetings, as well as conference documents and supplementary papers, see volume V, Part 1, pages 1 ff.