396.1 WA/7–953: Telegram

The United States Observer to the Interim Committee of the European Defense Community (Bruce) to the Department of State 1

top secret

Coled 12. Limited distribution only and Ambassador Dillon.

Understand at yesterday’s French Cabinet meeting preceding Bidault’s departure Washington accord was reached and Bidault has authority to join in any statement strongly endorsing European integration projects. Therefore very important seize this occasion put French Government on record with British and ourselves in unequivocal terms this regard. Suggest appropriate text to be embodied in communiqué be presented and discussed privately by Secretary with Bidault and Salisbury together or separately.

Matter of Foreign Ministers meeting August 7 at Baden Baden2 should be specifically referred to in communiqué and assurance of Bidault given that this will not be a pro forma affair but participating Foreign Ministers will remain together for whatever period of time is necessary to make fundamental decisions. It is essential from standpoint German elections, as well as for other evident reasons, that vital and continuing interest be shown in European political federation as the final step proposed to organize a prosperous Europe on a peaceful basis.

The present meetings in Washington seem to offer unusual opportunity to stimulate the somewhat enfeebled idea of making [uniting?] Europe. The setting of a date for debating EDC by the Netherlands Parliament, the announcement yesterday that the Belgian Parliament will not recess as previously planned but will continue to consider the EDC treaty, and the vigorous and effective reaffirmation by the President of our policy regarding European integration combine to make this a propitious time for the three powers, and especially France, to still the harmful rumors that there is vacillation and division amongst us on this essential point.

Our key objective now must be to do everything reasonable and possible to assist Adenauer’s re-election. I have been assured that what I have suggested above would in his opinion be helpful and conducive to this end, especially the playing up of a really constructive conference at Baden Baden.

  1. Repeated to Bonn, eyes only for Conant.
  2. A reference to the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Schuman Plan countries, scheduled for Baden-Baden on Aug. 7.