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Memorandum by the Counselor of the Department of State (MacArthur) to the Secretary of State 1



  • Major Objectives in U.S.–U.K.–French Talks


1. A public statement reaffirming governments’ strong support of NATO, EDC and the policy of European integration. (To be referred to in initial remarks and tabled at first meeting.)

2. Private commitment by M. Bidault that the French Government will make ratification of the EDC a priority matter.

3. A public declaration on Germany. (To be referred to in initial remarks and tabled at first meeting.)

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4. Agreement that a four-power meeting should not be held unless three powers are fully agreed on scope of talks and on the substance of allied positions. (U.S. should not raise question of four-power meeting.)

5. Agreement that in any event a four-power meeting must not take place prior to German elections, now scheduled for September 6.

6. In any event, discussions between the Three Powers should be commenced in the immediate future to establish allied positions on German unification in order to be prepared for any Soviet action in this field. (U.S. should propose small delegations or deputies meet for this purpose in two weeks or thereabouts in one of the three capitals.)

7. Agreement on the war criminals issue. (Mixed Board as provided in contractuals.)

8. Reaffirmation of tripartite position on Austria as of break-off of Deputies’ talks.

Far East

Korea and Communist China

9. Agreement that political conference following an armistice in Korea should be limited to Korea.

10. Agreement to maintain existing embargo level on trade with Communist China.

11. Agreement to maintain moratorium on UN membership for Communist China.


12. Rapid implementation by French of promises embodied in their recent notes to Associated States.

13. Clear statement in tripartite communiqué that French proposals mean independence for Associated States.

14. French agreement to undertake more vigorous military measures involving stepped-up recruitment and training of local forces.

15. French agreement not to make any hasty or rash decisions leading to negotiations with the Communists or withdrawal from Indochina.

Near East


16. Softening of British position on Suez Canal Zone base.

17. Resumption of negotiations with Egypt.


18. British agreement to send neutral observer right away; equalization of forces or maintaining status quo; early arbitration.

Douglas Macarthur II
  1. The memorandum was drafted by Galloway.