List of Photographs

  • Plate 1. Secretary of State Acheson meets with Chancellor Adenauer, Foreign Secretary Eden, and Foreign Minister Schuman at London, Feb. 18, 1952 563
  • Plate 2. Secretary of State Acheson addresses the opening meeting of the Ninth Session of the North Atlantic Council, Lisbon, Feb. 20, 1952 564
  • Plate 3. Signing Ceremony for the European Defense Community Treaty, Paris, May 27, 1952 565
  • Plate 4. Secretary of State Dulles and Mutual Security Director Stassen meet with Italian Prime Minister De Gasperi at Rome, Jan. 31, 1953 566
  • Plate 5. Secretary of State Dulles meets with Foreign Minister Bidault and Acting Foreign Secretary Salisbury at Washington, July 10, 1953 567
  • Plate 6. President Eisenhower chats with Prime Ministers Laniel and Churchill outside the Mid-Ocean Club at Bermuda, Dec. 4, 1953 before the first meeting of the Heads of Government of the United States, the United Kingdom, and France 567
  • Plate 7. Secretary of State Dulles meets with Prime Minister Mendès-France and Foreign Secretary Eden at Paris, July 13, 1954 to discuss the European Defense Community and Indochina 568
  • Plate 8. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization sign the agreements whereby the Federal Republic of Germany becomes the 15th member, Paris, Oct. 23, 1954 569
  • Plate 9. Representatives of the three Western occupying powers and the Federal Republic of Germany sign the agreement ending the occupation of West Germany, Paris, Oct. 23, 1954 570