396.1 LO/10–2354: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Dillon) to the Department of State 1


1716. Limit distribution. During conversation which Secretary had with Mendes-France and Eden after signing ceremonies, it was agreed [Page 1463] that nothing should be said to press concerning Soviet note. It was agreed to say merely that conversation of the three had been of a general nature in accordance with their past practice of having a go-around before separating after conferences. It would be admitted to press, however, that we had discussed Far Eastern in addition to European questions but no reference would be made to Soviet note.

Mendes stated that the Russian reply would have a strong impact in France where the possibility of East-West talks had impressed a lot of people who were not necessarily Leftist. He referred specifically to recent declarations in the Assembly by Gaullists and Radicals on the subject. He felt that the stronger we got the more proposals of this sort we were bound to receive from the Russians. The Secretary called attention to the fact that Soviet moves in sending and replying to notes were now settling into a fixed mould, being timed to minimize the effects of anything constructive the West accomplished as in the present instant.

  1. Repeated to Moscow eyes only for Bohlen.