740.5/10–2354: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of State, at Paris1

top secret

Tedul 17. Eyes only for Secretary and Merchant. News of receipt by Bohlen of Soviet note today2 poses question of our official reaction and we will probably be under some pressure from press for statement. Although we have not received text note or a summary from Bohlen would assume it is obvious attempt to confuse opinion and detract from success of Paris meetings. We feel that any attempt to comment on note prior to your arrival Washington and your report on Paris meetings would be premature and would reduce impact of Paris agreements. In any event we feel no comment should be made until after adequate consultation with British and French whose preliminary reaction you may be able to get in Paris. If French and/or UK comment is sound we would see some advantage in having their reaction announced prior to ours.

If you agree with this view we shall act accordingly.

  1. Drafted by Elbrick.
  2. For the text of the Soviet note of Oct. 23, which called for a Four-Power conference in November to consider the reestablishment of German unity, the withdrawal of the occupation forces, and the question of calling an all-European security conference, see Department of State Bulletin, Dec. 13, 1954, p. 902.