Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 102: Telegram

The Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs (Nash) to the Deputy Secretary of Defense (Foster)
top secret

LibDef 12. Noforn. Def Mins met at 1030 Feb 22 at call of chairman.1 Original intent of mtg was to finalize firm 1952 force plan including Fr contrib and to clarify uncertainties in wording of Para 18 A of MC 39 (previously report to you by LibDef 112). Since US and Brit delegations had been unable to arrive at any specific agreement on Fr force contrib for 1952 US delegation declined to discuss this subj. Brit delegation opened discussions on previous Def Mins action on MC 39 by indicating that Executive Bureau Of should agree to such revisions of para 18A. as Def Mins were proposing. UK further indicated no discussions profitable until that accomplished. On this basis US refrained from comments on para 18A and action reported in LibDef 11 remained unchanged. However it was well understood that some changes to para 18A were going to be needed before council approval. This problem has become subject of discussion amongst various delegations and should be solved by Sat mtg of Def Mins. Problem revolved around degree of emphasis given to MC 26/1 as requirements plan without regard to time of accomplishment.

Mtg produced conclusive results and efforts will be made to resolve differences and reach agreement for Def Mins mtg now scheduled for [Page 136] Sat at 1130. At this mtg on Sat Def Mins will attempt to agree to precise wording on para 18A of MC 39 and produce firm 1952 force plan to be substituted in appropriate TCC document. In this connection draft resolution has been submitted to chairman of NAC which reads in part as follows: “The NAC having considered the military committee comments on the TCC report (MC 39) and having decided that the proposed measures contained therein are necessary to the implementation of the council’s decisions on the TCC report: Approves para 18 of the report in a manner yet to be determined and notes the remainder of the report and approves the attached force objectives recommended by the Def Mins as the forces which countries have indicated their willingness to raise and support during the year 1952. This plan for 1952 shall be applicable to the objectives of the TCC report.”

[Here follow discussion of another meeting of the Special Committee on Infrastructure, an outline of the schedule of meetings for February 23, and a very brief résumé of the third meeting of the North Atlantic Council.]

  1. Canadian Defense Minister Claxton served as chairman of the meeting of the Defense Ministers.
  2. Dated Feb. 21, p. 119.