Editorial Note

No record of this meeting has been found. The only specific information about it comes from the following memorandum on February 21 to Acheson from Assistant Secretary Perkins:

“Before you meet De Gasperi tonight you should know that General Bradley with the Italians this morning reached a solution of the command set up for Greece and Turkey which is acceptable to the Greeks and Turks. This provided that the Greeks and Turks would be under Admiral Carney and the exact details of it would be worked out by General Eisenhower.” (Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 102)

In one of her periodic press telegrams, Secto 33, February 21, from Lisbon, not printed, Kirkpatrick indicated there probably would be an AchesonDe Gasperi meeting that day. (740.5/2–2152) An AchesonDe Gasperi meeting on February 21 was alluded to in Secto 95, February 26, from Lisbon; see footnote 4, page 171.