396.1 LO/2–1952: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State 1

Secto 19. The three ministers met three p.m. Monday preceding quadripartite mtg. Decision reached to delay any communiqué until conclusion of mtgs.

Eden asked whether Schuman in position to report on matters he had referred to his govt re prohibition propellants and gun barrels. Schuman said his govt still not ready agree drop these items. Said that if complete agreement reached on other points he wld do all possible obtain agreement these matters. He then stated he had authorization agree drop French insistence on gun barrels.

Eden stated Germans had no intention building civil aircraft and planned purchase from one of three govts. He said Germans prepared make statement that effect, which he thought wld be very helpful. Said statement wld go pretty far and thought this wld be helpful. Eden also mentioned discussion at Cabinet today in which position of Secretary re shortage propellants supported.

Schuman stated he heard in Paris propellants manufacturers being moved from France to North Africa for fear position French exposed. He repeated willingness attempt get Cabinet agree on propellants if other items agreed to.

Re German proposal on security controls, Schuman expressed concern that German proposal omitted any guarantee against orders being placed in Germany. He said agreement Germans not consider failure place orders as discrimination no real guarantee. He said Germans must agree not undertake production arms or new clause EDC treaty must say what cannot be produced. Schuman expressed concern lest vagueness ref geographic area caused difficulty Netherlands, Belgium, or Italy. Did not regard provisions re scientific research adequate. Schuman also mentioned that there was no annex to German proposal, although one referred to.

Secretary agreed Schuman’s point re German undertaking on production, necessity for annex, and consultation with other govts which might be affected on redrafting this portion. Agreed also research para inadequate.

Ministers agreed give Germans text declaration discussed Secto 12.2 Agreed leave brackets out of copy and leave gun barrels and propellants on prohibited list.

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US submitted redraft Article 9 (b) CD report EDCNATO relations.3 Agreed text, which being telegraphed separately, but accepted possibility drafting changes in deputies.

Schuman expressed some concern re likelihood emergency mtgs being called too frequently if one member cld request, but accepted Secretary’s explanation similar provision in NAT for mtgs requested by one member. Secretary also explained that one of prime points our draft was to meet French concern re secession of members.

Working party submitted draft of portion tripartite communiqué re maintenance US and UK armed forces Europe in association EDF and also draft declaration of three powers on occasion signature contractual agreements with Germany. Also submitted draft British statement to be made Commons early date re interest UK in continued existence EDC. All documents telegraphed separately.4 Agreed re-work communiqué which expect issue tomorrow, to consider declaration of three, and to work during Lisbon mtg on British statement.

  1. This telegram was repeated to Lisbon, Paris, and Bonn for information.
  2. Dated Feb. 18, p. 55.
  3. For the article under reference here, see document D–D (52) 35 Final, Feb. 20, p. 247, the Deputies Report on relations between NATO and EDC The article in the agreed report is the same as that referred to here and subsequently approved by the four Ministers at their 4:45 p.m. meeting; see the Laukhuff minutes, p. 67.
  4. See telegram Secto 17, Feb. 18, from London, p. 103.