740.5/5–2052: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Office of the United States High Commissioner for Germany, at Bonn1


3256. Fol highlights EDC Mins mtg Paris May 19–202 as reported by telecon to Dept: [Page 664]

Signing Date: Owing to scheduled Van Zeeland and Stikker speeches at Council of Eur on May 26, EDC Treaty and EDC and NATO protocols cannot be signed until Tues May 27.
Ger Fin Contribution: All Mins agreed with Stikker that they shld have opportunity discuss and reach decisions basis latest drafts of Contractuals. Question re Ger Fin contribution therefore placed end of agenda.
Labor Battalions: Agreement reached that nothing shld be mentioned in treaty itself this subj but that Bonn agreement on phasing out labor battalions in Ger be placed in special protocol.
Natl Forces for Internatl Missions: Schuman wanted limitation to UN type missions; Hallstein said NATO might require special contingents. Agreement being reached on language to meet Schuman point that, if NATO wanted contingents for any purpose, it shld request EDC and not natl govts to furnish them.
Voting Rights: Schuman argued that consideration be given now to principle underlying computation of voting rights and that mins shld not wait for Bonn decisions re Ger Fin contributions. Problem postponed to end of agenda.
Seat of Institutions: Hallstein requested decision be postponed until after ratification EDC treaty by FedRep. Probably will be taken up in June mtg EDC Mins when they plan discuss implications of Eden proposal RE Council of Eur and EDC and Schuman Plan.
Ratification: Hallstein said his govt determined carry thru debate on EDC before Parl vacation. Stikker says Dutch ratification impossible before Dec at earliest.
Language: (a) Interim org to consider languages to be used by Institutions of the Community. Official languages will probably be same as those being considered by Coal and Steel Community; i.e. Fr, Ger, Ital and Dutch. (b) Auxiliary language EDF; to be decided by unanimous vote of Council, it being understood that language will be English but with flexibility to permit others to be used. Reason for this provision was that all agreed English was desirable auxiliary language for EDF but that it wld be difficult to present to the EDC parls a text which required use of a language other than that of the six countries. (c) Official text of treaty will be in Fr but with authentic official translations in all other EDC languages. In case of discrepancies Fr will govern.
Stationing EDF Outside Eur as Defined Art 6 NAT: Mins decided firmly against permitting EDF to be sent out of area defined Art 6 NAT. Stikker stated he did not wish EDF to go anywhere where they were not covered by UK and NATO guarantees. Van Zeeland said he wld agree to enlarge area in which EDF can be stationed to whole area covered in Art 6 NAT. Altho Stikker maintained that under Van Zeeland suggestion EDF cld be stationed in an area not [Page 665] covered by UK guarantee to EDC, he said he wld think it over. Mins decided to reconsider Van Zeeland suggestion and also, at Schuman’s urging, to reconsider whether EDF schools and training centers might not by unanimous decision EDC Council be installed outside Art 6 area.
Duration of Treaty: Dutch ultimatum to effect that unless other countries agree by tomorrow that EDC treaty is only for 17 years; i.e. identical in time with NAT, or that Dutch at least can pull out at that time, Dutch will not sign. Schuman, Taviani, and Hallstein, particularly the latter, insisted on 50 year duration. Schuman and Hallstein offered compromise along lines that, in case of NATO change in membership, EDC states wld consult. Stikker found this unacceptable and said he had firm instrs not to sign treaty unless Dutch wld be free to withdraw whenever US or UK defense guarantee no longer in force. Question, he said, was whether it was desired to have Netherlands as member EDC on this condition or to conclude EDC treaty without Dutch participation.
Ger Unification: Schuman said many Fr Parliamentarians wondered how Ger unification wld affect both EDC and Schuman Plan, but discussion brief and no conclusions reached.
EDC Council Vote on Joint mtg with NAT Council: Fr agreed joint mtg of two Councils can be called by majority vote in EDC Council.

  1. Drafted by Barnard of RA. Repeated to Brussels, The Hague, London, Paris, and Luxembourg.
  2. See editorial note, p. 618.