740.5/2–952: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner for Germany (McCloy) to the Department of State


1499. For the Secretary and Byroade. In my judgement Bundestag debate1 was as satisfactory as I believe one cld expect after the developments of the last two weeks. The narrowed majority as compared with the Schuman Plan vote reflects in part the loss of momentum which the Saar episode induced, altho at best we were bound to lose some votes in the center.

The Chancellor did not have the same confident and spirited touch he displayed in the Schuman Plan debate, and he generally reflected the rather resigned mood he was in last week.

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Although result cld have been much worse, and it is a victory, I feel it marks a certain ebb rather than a rising tide of support. How things are handled in the next few weeks will determine how solidly favorable yesterday’s vote can be appraised. I can not estimate as yet the full effect of the attending stipulations. I hope to see the Chancellor this weekend to talk the significance of these over with him. I understand the Fr here are eager to assert that they entirely objectionable and preclude any mtg with the Chancellor in London. I do not agree and I believe that we must be prepared to counter any such move strongly. I believe that the stipulations and the record of the Bundestag mean stiffened resistance in our final negots which we wld either not have or wld not have met in as heavy form but for the Saar. Cabling exact text of resolutions as soon as possible.

  1. On Feb. 7–8, 1952 the Bundestag of the German Federal Republic held a debate on the course of conduct adopted by the Federal Republic Government regarding accession to the European Defense Community. The Bundestag adopted this course of action on Feb. 8 by a vote of 204 to 156 subject to a number of qualifying resolutions defining German rights and interests in such an organization. For the texts of the resolutions, see Documents (R.I.I.A.) for 1952, pp. 76–79 or 10th Report on Germany, pp. 86–88.