Editorial Note

The Steering Committee of the Paris Conference for the Establishment of a European Defense Community resumed meetings in Paris on January 10, 1952. The last Steering Committee meeting had been held on the eve of the meetings of the Foreign Ministers of the six participating nations in Paris, December 27 to 30, 1951. Between January 10 and February 9, the date of the last Steering Committee meeting before the London and Lisbon meetings of the Western Foreign [Page 580]Ministers and the Ninth Session of the North Atlantic Council in Lisbon, the Committee held 11 meetings. The last two meetings, those of February 5 and February 9, are reported upon in telegram 4774, February 6, from Paris, page 609. During this same period, the Juridical, Finance, and Military Committees, and subcommittees of those committees, continued to meet. Reports of the meetings of the Steering Committee, principal meetings of the other committees, and texts of documents generated by the committees, were reported upon to the Department of State by Ambassador Bruce in telegrams included in file 740.5. A virtually complete body of documentation for this period produced by the Conference is preserved in the EDC files, lot 57 M 44. The status of the Conference as of January 29 is authoritatively summarized in the Background Paper prepared in the Department of State, page 597, and in the Report of the Conference for the Organization of a European Defense Community, circulated to the North Atlantic Council as document C9–D/12, February 19, 1952, page 230.