310.2/7–752: Telegram

The Acting United States Representative at the United Nations (Gross) to the Department of State


19. Verbatim Text. Re Japanese membership application. Shimadzu and Yamanaka (Japanese reps) called today at their request to inform [Page 825] us of instructions received from Tokyo in reply to questions raised in their previous interview here. They read out and left with us following paper:

“The Japanese Government anticipates that, in accordance with the rules of procedure of the SC, consideration of its application for membership will have been completed 25 days prior to the seventh session of the GA. It is not desired that any particular country should be requested to push consideration of the matter, setting aside any other items on the agenda.

If a member of the council should include the Japanese application in the simultaneous admission plan, it is hoped that the US will approve of the plan. However, in case approval should prove difficult, it is desired that the Japanese application be considered as a separate item as soon as possible.

The Japanese Govt has no intention of compromising with the Soviet Union in return for admission to the UN.”

In ensuing discussion, Yamanaka, mentioning rules of procedure wondered whether case would go direct to membership comite from SYG. We replied that in recent past SC on proposal of a member had declined whether to take on agenda applications newly before it and if so whether to send them to membership comite or itself deal with them at once.

We reiterated our strong sympathy Japanese desire for admission and our own strong hope their application would be successful. Referring to rules they had cited, we explained to Japanese we thought debate on membership item should be postponed until date closer to seventh GA and we felt from what they said that their FonOff views coincided with this tactic for dealing with current Sov item in SC. We said we thought majority of SC wld desire that course. We urged them keep in close touch with us and said we would do same with them.

Shimadzu asked if Japanese should talk with UKDel. We said seemed good idea and we suggested that before he approached UK we talk with UKDel and let him know general UK view.

From conversation it appeared clear to us Japanese wanted be assured application would not fall by wayside. We also noted no indication Japanese wanted force Sov veto for any special reason.1

  1. The following is an excerpt from Daily Classified Summary No. 6, July 9, from the USUN in New York:

    “During the SC meeting, July 9, USUN showed Yamanaka (Japan) the SC agenda as adopted, without an item on Japan’s membership application, and re-explained the United States position. Yamanaka fully confirmed that his government preferred no separate action on its bid at this time while the membership question as a whole remained wide open.” (310.2/7–1052)