Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs (Allison) to the Assistant Secretary of State for United Nations Affairs (Hickerson)1

  • Subject:
  • Membership Proposals in the Security Council

I recommend that we take the following action (or some procedurally appropriate variant) on the membership question in the Security Council: (1) propose the addition of Japan to the list of candidates now included in the Soviet list and then vote or abstain on the entire proposal; or (2) if the USSR itself adds Japan to its list, vote for or abstain on the amended proposal; and (3) in either case, if procedurally possible without prejudicing the success of the project, propose the addition of other present candidates (Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia) to receive anticipated Soviet vetoes before we accept the residual list.

This procedure, if successful, would open the way for the admission of the following states: Austria, Ceylon, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Libya, Nepal and Portugal; and Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania and Outer Mongolia.

In connection with these steps we would make a statement stressing our continued opposition to the policies and practices of the satellites, our continued support for the candidacies of Korea and Vietnam, our disappointment that the intransigent attitude of the USSR had for so long prevented the admission of many worthy candidates and our decision, in view of the obstructive Soviet attitude and of the necessity in the interests of the UN as a whole of breaking the stalemate, to vote for (or abstain on) the proposal.

It is my understanding that the Department now has under consideration the possibility of accepting a package proposal in connection [Page 816] with the 7th GA. I realize that strong arguments exist against as well as for acceptance of such an arrangement. I realize also that there are reasons against as well as for taking such a step at the present moment. A statement of the various arguments on each side of these questions is attached.2

On balance, I believe that the arguments in favor of immediate acceptance of a package proposal, if it includes all candidates having any realistic expectancy of admission under present circumstances, outweigh the arguments for either postponing or rejecting the proposal. I accordingly recommend that action be taken along the lines indicated in the first paragraph above on an urgent basis in view of the probable SC timetable.

  1. Drafted by the UN Adviser (Bacon).
  2. Not attached to source text.