330/6–2352: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Mission at the United Nations 1


503. Dept understands Jap Counsel [New York]2 under instructions submit membership application to SYG early this week. We believe that question of timing is for Japan itself to decide and that US shld not attempt advise this matter.

Assuming Japan’s application is submitted to SC before SC consideration agenda item 3, it is conceivable USSR might add Japan to its list. Dept wld not oppose this move but wld continue position outlined Deptel 489 and 499 in favor postponement consideration Sov res.

However, we believe it wld be desirable to provide for separate handling Japan’s application in order show our own deep interest in Japan’s admission and to place onus on USSR if it vetoes. Fol procedure, which wld be discussed with Japanese if they apply, is suggested:

At outset of first SC mtg on membership, US or, if Japan prefers, some other friendly member, wld propose inclusion, under agenda [Page 815] item 3, of new sub-para which wld relate to Japan’s application. During consideration this sub-para, US wld express strong support Japan’s admission, and indicate willingness to bring application to vote immediately. However, if other SC Members prefer referral of application to Membership Comite, US wld accept this procedure.
US wld, in accordance Deptels 489 and 499, support postponement of discussion of present sub-paras A and B or referral to Membership Comite.

Your comments this suggested course re Japan appreciated. You may in ur discretion discuss matter with friendly SC dels.

  1. Drafted by Jones and concurred in by Popper, UNP, cleared by the geographic bureaus and L/UNA, and signed by Hickerson.
  2. In telegram 590, June 19, 5 p.m., from Tokyo, the Embassy in Japan had informed the Department of State that Shimadzu, Japanese Consul General, New York, was being designated Japanese observer at the impending Security Council meetings, with regard to the Japanese membership application (330/6–1952).