310/6–1352: Telegram

The Acting United States Representative at the United Nations (Gross) to the Department of State


933. Re US–UK talks on UN problems. Appreciate info Deptel 469, June 4, and authority to comply with Jebb’s request for informal discussions here re basic attitudes of UK toward US and UN. As Dept aware, Jebb in series recent public speeches—notably at Syracuse, Dallas and Chicago—has been expounding thesis which has been regarded by many as minimizing UN present and potential collective security role while stressing concept UN as “universal” forum which might be useful to “conciliate” East/West differences.

I am aware from reftel that Dept contemplates conversations with Brit possibly in Sept, which will enable Dept to test US general [Page 9] principles by discussion of specific items. Talks with Jebb would accordingly be general as well as “preliminary and informal.” However, general discussions of sort Jebb has in mind may necessarily involve some particularly on issues such as membership, CMC future, etc. In order to make certain we understand what Dept has in mind, and to avoid risk of prematurity and confusion, I would be grateful if Dept would give us general guidance for discussions in accordance with offer in reftel.