Memorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Secretary of State for United Nations Affairs ( Hickerson )1

  • Subject:
  • Conversations with the British on United Nations Problems
  • Participants:
  • UNA—Mr. Hickerson
  • Mr. Sandifer
  • Mr. Bancroft
  • EUR—Mr. Allen
  • UND—Mr. Cargo
  • UNP—Mr. Taylor
  • Mr. Popper

A meeting was held in Mr. Hickerson’s office on June 3 to determine our position on the British proposal that Anglo-American conversations [Page 8] be held on the attitudes of the two countries toward United Nations problems.

It was the consensus of the meeting that:

Ambassador Gross should be authorized to agree to Sir Gladwyn Jebb’s request to discuss basic viewpoints on the United Nations with him informally in New York.2 It is assumed that the exchange of views on United States and United Kingdom policies toward the United Nations will be helpful in later conversations.
On the assumption that the General Assembly will open on October 14, we will suggest to the British that the general discussions on the United Nations requested by them be held in Washington, say between September 15 and September 25. Holding the talks in September rather than August will give us more time for preparation; permit Mr. Hickerson, Sir Gladwyn Jebb and Sir John Martin to be present; and make it possible to test our views on general principles by applying them to the discussion of specific items on the Seventh Assembly’s agenda.
During the September conversations the regular exchange of views on General Assembly problems would take place.
Colonial problems would be included as a subject for discussion. However, we would not repeat previous discussions on general principles, but would concentrate on consideration of specific problems arising in the Seventh General Assembly.3
A telegram will be prepared for New York, embodying the foregoing, and the British will be informed accordingly.4

  1. Drafted by David H. Popper, Deputy Director of the Office of United Nations Political and Security Affairs (UNP); initialled by Hickerson. (Dictated on June 4.)
  2. The Department of State was informed of Jebb’s request by USUN in telegram 825, May 16, 6:19 p.m. (310/5–1652) The British Embassy made informal contact with the Department on the matter on May 29 (Allen memorandum of conversation, May 29, 1952, USUN files).
  3. For documentation on colonial policy, see pp. 1075 ff.
  4. In telegram 469, June 4, 6: 57 p.m., the Department of State authorized USUN to conduct informal talks with Jebb on “basic attitudes US and UK toward UN”. (310/5–1652)