Memorandum by the Secretary of State 1


I have checked with the President whether he felt obligated to write a letter to Bridges about the “Red China” UN situation. He said not. He thought it would be sufficient if I told Senator Bridges that we were actively moving through diplomatic and other channels to get the [Page 660] votes against recognition of the Communist Government. The President also suggested that we should suggest to Milton Eisenhower 2 that on his South American tour he should mention our position to the governments there and discreetly suggest that we would appreciate their cooperation.

I have advised Senator Bridges in general terms that we were taking action pursuant to the President’s talk with him and other Congressional leaders.

In view of the foregoing, the question of redrafting the letter to Bridges can be dropped.

J[ohn] F[oster] D[ulles]
  1. Addressed to the Deputy Under Secretary of State (Matthews), the Legal Adviser (Phleger), the Assistant Secretary for Far Eastern Affairs (Robertson), the Assistant Secretary for Inter-American Affairs (Cabot), and the Assistant Secretary for UN Affairs (Hickerson).
  2. For documentation on Dr. Milton Eisenhower’s tour of South America, see volume iv .