HickersonMurphyKey files, lot 58 D 33, “Secretary Generalship of UN

Memorandum of Conversation, by James N. Hyde of the Mission at the United Nations

  • Subject:
  • Pearson’s Candidacy for SyG
  • Participants:
  • Ambassador D. M. Johnson—Canadian Delegation
  • Ambassador Henry C. Lodge—United States Mission
  • Mr. James N. Hyde—United States Mission

During his call on Ambassador Lodge, Johnson spoke with great warmth on the subject of Pearson’s candidacy. He felt that either wilfully or otherwise the UK had spread the word that Pearson is acceptable to the Soviet Union, whereas in fact there is little basis for this position. He added that according to a letter which he had received from Wrong which he offered to show us, Zarubin had never gone beyond saying that he felt Pearson had done a creditable job in the GA. Johnson stated that he was upset and that Pearson was upset that his name was being bandied around in this fashion, and that he thought that all the rumors of Pearson’s acceptability to the Soviets were, so far as he could tell, with very little foundation in fact. He added that naturally Pearson is concerned at this issue being pending, that for him it was “a big thing”. Johnson therefore urged that we verify from Makins precisely what Makins said to Zarubin.

Johnson did not go on to say what action if any he expected the US to take about Pearson’s candidacy.