315/2–1653: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Mission at the United Nations1

top secret

308. Eyes only Amb Lodge from the Secretary. Re urtel 522—SyG.

I share your feeling that we neither oppose nor identify US with UK initiative on behalf of Pearson. I also share your view that we should vote for Pearson if issue arises in SC and raise no objection to his name if no vote is taken.

You might indicate to UK that in event USSR vetoes Pearson candidacy you would hope to have their support for a candidate of our choosing.

  1. Drafted by the Director of the Office of UN Political and Security Affairs (Wainhouse); approved for transmission by the Assistant Secretary of State for UN Affairs (Hickerson); signed by Roderic L. O’Connor, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State.

    Lodge had raised the question of the U.S. position vis-à-vis Pearson against the possibility of an early Security Council meeting on the problem, perhaps on Feb. 20. The United Kingdom seemed to be “pursuing Pearson candidacy on theory that Pearson would be acceptable to USSR.” Pearson’s name would be presented, and there would be an “attempt to get his name recommended without a vote on basis of there being no objection.” Lodge concluded, “In my judgment it would be desirable to vote for and not oppose Pearson if issue arises in this way in SC. If we could get agreement on him quickly and expeditiously, I feel that would merit such US support.” (315/2–1653)