320/11–1752: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Department of State


Delga 207. Eyes only Hickerson from Gross. Re appointment of SyG

Jebb drew David Johnson (Canada) and me aside and initiated conversation on SyG problem. Whole conversation took place in Johnson’s presence. Jebb said that although Pearson would be good, he had little chance overcoming Sov veto and that UK would veto any candidate but Pearson or Amb Boheman (Sweden).

I indicated surprise at trigger-happy attitude toward use of veto and asked whether UK is not giving any consideration to other candidates including, for example, Romulo, and to the possibility of continuing Lie. I pointed out that he, Jebb, had been talking favorably of [Page 430] Entezam’s candidacy to other Dels in past few days. With some embarrassment he said that although Entezam would be very good, British could not support him. He repeated that UK would veto anyone but Pearson or Boheman.

I assume from Jebb’s positive and repeated statement of above position that it must represent some governmental decision. [Gross.]