315/11–1752: Telegram

The Ambassador in India (Bowles) to the Department of State1


2066. Sir Girja Bajpai told me Friday in Bombay PriMin Nehru had called him previous day to enquire whether he wld be willing to become Secy Gen of UN if appointment were available. Bajpai made it clear that Nehru’s call was designed simply to find out if he wld become GOI nominee if situation seemed favorable. Bajpai stated that he wld be willing accept appointment but requested that his name not be thrown out for public consideration unless there is reasonable chance of approval.

We believe Bajpai possibility shld be carefully considered. He has demonstrated complete integrity at all times in dealing with US on many delicate questions. He is emphatically anti-Soviet and harbors no illusions on subject of Chinese Commies. Indeed, I believe he is hardest-headed of all GOI officials and most realistic so far as cold war conflict is concerned. Bajpai’s health is fully restored and he is bored with Governorship of Bombay.

Bajpai’s availability also offers us opportunity to create some good will with GOI. We realize, of course, that there are many other considerations. If Bajpai’s availability is suggested it should not come from this source.

  1. In telegram 1479, Nov. 18, 7:34 p.m., to New Delhi, the Department responded:

    Dept still considering position re SyG has not reached any decision. Dept hopes you can avoid discussion this matter with Indian officials.” (315/11–1752)