Secretary’s Daily Meetings, lot 58 D 609, 1952

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Director of the Executive Secretariat (McWilliams) 1


  • Subject:
  • Summary of Meeting with the Secretary
  • Participants:
  • Mr. Acheson
  • Mr. Bruce
  • Mr. Matthews
  • Mr. Humelsine
  • Mr. Armstrong
  • Mr. Jessup
  • Mr. Nitze
  • Mr. McWilliams
  • Mr. Battle

. . . . . . .

Item 4. American Motion Pictures Shown Abroad

Mr. Cowen 2 brought up the subject of American motion pictures shown abroad and the damage to our standing by certain types of pictures. He mentioned particularly pictures on subjects of racial discrimination and also pictures of the gangster type. He urged that either the Secretary or Mr. Bruce talk to Eric Johnston 3 to see what could be done about this. The suggestion was also made that a list of pictures considered harmful be compiled and also our Ambassadors be asked their views of damage done by specifically [Page 1626] what pictures. (I have talked to Mr. Phillips about these points and he will see what can be done about them.)

. . . . . . .

W. J. McWilliams
  1. Copies to Matthews and Battle.
  2. Presumably Myron M. Cowen, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State for Mutual Security Affairs.
  3. President of the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.