A/MS files, lot 54 D 291, “Loyalty Security Appeals Board”

Memorandum by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Administration (Scott) to John W. Sipes of the Office of Personnel, Bureau of Administration1

  • Subject:
  • Estimated Backlog of Cases before the Loyalty Security Board

I have read your memorandum of September 16,2 subject as above, with great interest. Unquestionably, the schedule you establish clearly indicates that barring unforeseen circumstances we will be pretty much “out of the woods” by next spring. On the other hand we would be in a much better position if by January 1 we could break the 150 mark as to total cases pending before the Board and by March 1, the 50 mark. This would mean the completion before January 1 of 15 more cases than you estimate.

Without sacrificing the quality of the Board’s work, do you feel that if the following measures are taken immediately you could realistically revise your estimate of total pending cases to 150 by January 1 and 50 by March 1:

immediate addition of one clerk-stenographer;
no reference to the Loyalty Security Board of the Regional Loyalty Board cases for review;
addition of 3 members to the Loyalty Security Board here;
addition of 6 members to the HICOG panel.

I am not attempting to pressure the Board into cutting the backlog at the expense of less thorough and less competent work. The Board has probably the finest record in the Government in this respect. At the same time we should exhaust every feasible possibility in cutting the backlog to more workable proportions.

W. K. Scott
  1. Drafted by Everard K. Meade, Jr.
  2. Supra.