A/MS files, lot 54 D 291, “Loyalty Security Appeals Board”

Memorandum by John W. Sipes of the Office of Personnel, Bureau of Administration, to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Administration (Scott)

  • Subject:
  • Estimated Backlog of Cases before the Loyalty Security Board

Reference is made to your memorandum of September 12, 19521 to General Snow and myself requesting a statistical estimate as to the backlog of certain categories of cases as of November 1, January 1, and March 1.

In making these estimates certain assumptions, of course, have to be made. One of these assumptions is that the current rate of receipt of new cases; namely, ten to fifteen per month, will remain fairly constant. Another assumption is that the percentage of hearings and interrogatories voted upon the initial consideration of new cases and upon initial reconsideration of old cases will continue at about the present rate. Our present figures as reflected in the reconsideration column of the monthly report do not reflect cases initially adjudicated under E.O. 9835 by Regional Loyalty Boards. So far as I know there has been no determination as to whether the 40 or 50 cases in this category will be subject to reconsideration under E.O. 10241 by the Loyalty Security Board.

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Date (1) (2) (3) (4)
Regular Cases (Inc. Memo 52) Pending Initial Consideration E.O. 10241 Cases Pending Initial Reconsideration Regular and E.O. 10241 Cases Where Consideration is Incomplete Total Pending LSB
11/1/52 25 50 90 165
1/1/53 10 0 85 95
3/1/53 10 0 65 75

It should be noted from the above that by January 1, 1953 it is estimated that the initial consideration of all E.O. 102412 reconsideration cases will have been completed. That is not to say that we will have finished the reconsideration of all cases under the new standard. There will remain a “hard core” of hearing and interrogatory cases etc. which have arisen and will arise during the course of initial reconsideration that will continue to be reflected as a part of the figure in Column 3 above. It should also be noted from the above that it is estimated that by January 1, 1953 we will be on a current basis with respect to the initial consideration of regular or new cases. That is to say, we will be adjudicating new cases as soon as they are received. Here again there will remain a certain “hard core” of cases on which interrogatories and hearings are voted on which it will take some time to complete the loyalty security process. It is believed that there will continue to be for some time after March 1, 1953 about 50 cases pending initial consideration and completion of processing. Although the new cases received will be kept on a current basis, the number of cases in the interrogatory hearing, further investigation, administrative action, etc. categories (i.e. Column 3) is likely to remain fairly constant and of a magnitude that would bring the total cases pending before the Board to approximately 50 for a considerable period beyond March 1, 1953.

It should be pointed out that the above estimate is on the optimistic side. It is believed that the present membership of the Board will be adequate to the task inasmuch as the major problem is one of interrogatories and hearings. However, additional members should be appointed for the HICOG panel as has been recommended to “CON”. On the staffing side, in order to insure the approximate accomplishment of the above estimate, it is believed necessary that the Loyalty Security Board be provided with one additional Clerk-Stenographer until March 1, 1953. It should be noted that General Snow and I recommended the addition of one Legal [Page 1423] Assistant and two Clerk-Stenographers previously (see General Snow’s memorandum to Mr. Humelsine, May 9, 19523) in order to accelerate the Board’s consideration of the case backlog. We have been provided with the Legal Assistant and one Clerk-Stenographer. It is not felt necessary in view of the declining backlog to add another Clerk-Stenographer on a permanent basis. The Loyalty Security Board has the necessary space and facilities to take care of one additional Clerk-Stenographer. Mr. Humelsine’s memorandum of May 21, 1952 authorized the addition of two Clerk-Stenographers to the Loyalty Security Board staff. It is my understanding that funds have been allocated for this purpose.


That the Loyalty Security Board be provided with one additional Clerk-Stenographer until March 1, 1953.

General Snow concurs in this estimate and recommendation.

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