64. Memorandum for the Record1


With reference to my recent memorandum2 regarding the PBSUCCESS budget I have now been informed by CPP that the DCI has secured the $3,000,0003 in question from the Bureau of the Budget. (I have been given to understand that Mr. Dulles, General Smith, and Mr. Dodge had a conference and that minutes of this meeting were written to serve as authorization for the above.)
I was further given to understand that DCI had instructed DDA (Mr. White) to handle the necessary details in respect to securing the funds without undue delay.
Confirming our yesterday’s conversation I would recommend:
That a PBSUCCESS working group have a meeting before the end of this week in order to ascertain the current status of the project as well as plans for the immediate future, and
That a general briefing on PBSUCCESS be prepared for DCI, DDCI, DDP and COP. This briefing should be scheduled for the week of 16 November 1953.
Hans V. Tofte

Chief, PP/OPS
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