54. Memorandum for the Record1


At 1500, 18 September 1953, a meeting was held at the office of DCI to discuss the present status of PBSUCCESS and to consider future plans for this operation. Present were DCI, DDCI, DD/P, COP, CPP, CNE, C/OPS/PP, CWH and CWH-III. DCI opened the discussion by stating that he felt the General Plan of Action, submitted on 11 September to be sound.2 He added that several detailed suggestions of his own regarding implementation had already been discussed with several of those present.
General Cabell stated that he concurred in approval of the General Plan but felt that the budget estimate should be increased to $3,000,000 to provide more adequately for contingencies. Mr. Dulles agreed.
Colonel King gave a detailed report on progress to date including action to strengthen Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, joint planning with [name not declassified], planning for economic and psychological warfare, redeployment of Agency personnel, planned changes in State Department personnel, and advisable diplomatic action vis-à-vis the Guatemalan Government. In reply to the Director’s query as to money required for immediate needs, he stated that $50,000 was adequate. Mr. Dulles decided that this would be made available at once.
In general discussion Messrs. Wisner, Tofte and Roosevelt pointed out that PBSUCCESS is an extremely difficult and sensitive operation requiring the utmost care in preparation and execution. It was agreed that any ultimate military action must be preceded by thorough exploitation of all other capabilities and that a preparatory campaign of eight months’ duration, or more, is deemed advisable.
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79–01025A, Box 76, Folder 2. Secret. Prepared on September 24. The memorandum is unsigned.
  2. Document 51.