193. Telegram From the CIA Station in Guatemala to Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida1

566. Ref: LINC 3838.2

In view critical situation, ripe psychological moment and in compliance requests made reference, and since did not know when ESQUIRE would arrive, Bannister made cold approach [name not declassified] on morning 15 June. [name not declassified] convinced Bannister pilot who had come with special instructions from Consejo for fast action part of [name not declassified]. Knows Bannister only by true first name.

[name not declassified] firmly told that time is come, that he get moving, take over army, and that time last opportunity for army to salvage its honor and even existence.
He agreed. Added he and SUMAC–2 fully working together and would draw up plan of action. Wanted STANDEL–1 eliminated by Consejo or Calligeris people. Was told that this his problem and he expected to handle. If impossible take care one man what percentage have army.
Second meeting with ESQUIRE and Bannister morning 16 June. Said he and SUMAC–2 sure they can take over army but will need show of strength on part of opposition. Requested that P–38 drop bomb directly in center hippodrome located just west of La Aurora airport. Also requested that planes buzz 15 June demonstration and if possible drop tear gas. He told the bomb could be dropped and possibly tear gas as well.
Vitally important this be done. Suggest at least one loud bomb on hippodrome. They plan seize control from Diaz and Dove.
[name not declassified] said all gear dropped Guatelon was turned over by campesinos to Guardia Civil who handed it to army. Army very frightened sight these weapons. Was told this was psychological drop for that purpose but that real drops also being made. Told he better move fast. He agreed. Said he would put guards around all Embassies as soon as they move so that foe cannot escape. Said Arbenz, Commies, and enemies will be executed.
After meeting he departed to meet SUMAC–2 and then proceed line up regimental commanders in capital.
Next meeting morning 17 June at 0900.
In view change from negotiations to action you will appreciate impossibility reinserting Page in contact chain.
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  2. Document 186.