186. Telegram From Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida to the CIA Station in Guatemala1

3838. 1. Entirely possible situation rapidly developing which could very well become critical turning point in PBSUCCESS. Imperative we seek and apply maximum measures at this moment and force the issue.

2. [name not declassified] from your cables appears to be assuming leadership within army. Accordingly you should endeavor to impress upon him through ESQUIRE (per below) the following points which should be clarified and/or reiterated:

He is covertly assured of fullest ODYOKE backing.
SCOMBER2 assures him of fullest support within its capabilities including all its assets.
SCOMBER practically certain its control over SYNCARP to almost guarantee its fullest support
The moral issue of avoiding bloodshed at this moment—practically zero hour—is so overwhelming that he must impress upon his followers within the army action must be taken at once to avoid the most terrible bloodshed in WSBURNT history. Anti-Communist forces are now well organized and rapidly gaining in power—both externally and internally—and are completely dedicated to gaining control and will not be dissuaded regardless of the price in blood or treasure until success is obtained.

3. The forces of anti-communism are tremendous and are now planning every conceivable measure in stages which may be necessary to eliminate the Communist beachhead from this area. Remind him again that Calligeris is but a symbol because he is the leading anti-Communist exilee. Aircraft, armaments, technical equipment, economic pressures, [Page 333]and every possible weapon is being marshalled behind the Calligeris symbol to insure success and on behalf of the anti-Communists of WSBURNT.

4. ODYOKE presently desirous to make above maximum effort to preserve integrity and pride of WSBURNT to overthrow Soviet yoke by their own means. There is absolutely no question regarding the ultimate outcome. Communism will not be tolerated: if present methods of aiding WSBURNT to resolve their own problems prove inadequate then unquestionable ODYOKE and other Latin American powers will intervene by force. The expulsion of Soviet control of WSBURNT is now underway and will not stop until freedom is restored.

5. The foregoing guidance should be adequate and enable Guat to seize initiative and exploit every opportunity. In event circumstances are as described above inform OPIM any problem or propositions in connection with foregoing guidance, as time is also a vital factor.

6. ESQUIRE due WSBURNT about 0600 15 June and scheduled see [name not declassified] during day.

7. Page scheduled arrive WSBURNT noon 16 June via Mexico City. Arrange contact and brief him before he contacts ESQUIRE.

8. Request you contact ESQUIRE soonest briefing him on your info re [name not declassified] alleged activities asking him to confirm same. Based upon results this verification proceed to guide ESQUIRE on basis above guidance consistent with your best judgment: attempting to ascertain in what way SCOMBER may be of greatest assistance to him if in fact this is a critical moment. If unconfirmed and [name not declassified] not in fact assuming leadership of opposition officer corps and no urgency present then await return of Page on 16 June to resume handling of K-Program.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79–01025A, Box 142, Folder 5. Secret; Operational Immediate; RYBAT; PBSUCCESS. Repeated to the Director of Central Intelligence.
  2. Joint Council of “The Group” and Castillo Armas’ political organization that was used to signal joint decisions.