191. Telegram From the Central Intelligence Agency to Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida1

05145. Ref: A. GUAT 848;2 B. LINC 3895.3

As indicated Whiting/Playdon telephone conversation, we believe LINC made correct decision in return of Page to WSBURNT.4 Whereas we recognize validity and serious import of certain points in reference A message, this appears time for calculated risk taken with eyes open in order obtain maximum results from Page knowledge, ability and relationship with [name not declassified]. The overriding importance of what could be produced as a result success this line of effort is clear to everyone here, especially in light of developing difficulties and increasing uncertainties Calligeris effort.
Our only suggestion is that you may wish instruct Station to prepare plan for Embassy action in event Page arrest or disappearance. Do not believe Page should remain WSBURNT more than minimum time enable him establish contact and deliver final exhortation.
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79–010125A, Box 9, Folder 2. Secret; Priority; RYBAT; PBSUCCESS. Drafted by Wisner.
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