176. Memorandum From Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida to the Chief of Station in Guatemala1


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  • KMHOOK Plans
As you have no doubt surmised the recent SEMANTIC flap2 has occasioned a great deal of soul-searching and assessment within PBSUCCESS in LINCOLN and the field stations. The conclusions arrived at were inevitable and logical. The compromise of SEMANTIC and portions of his organization is regrettable, especially at this point, but the damage done is not irreparable. We have no alternative but to proceed altering our course of action only enough to by-pass tainted portions of the internal organization.
Every effort is being made to bring all PBSUCCESS paramilitary assets to a point of readiness by 12 June 1954. There are two main contingencies for which we are preparing. One is that all assets will be in position and ready to go at our signal. Two is that through some action, spontaneous and uncontemplated, within WSBURNT the time is right for a revolutionary attempt and PBSUCCESS has no alternative but to capitalize on this spark and use it to our advantage.
In preparation for contingency our organizers, sab leaders and radio operators are being dispatched, pre-D-day DZ’s have been selected, shock troops are being positioned, arms are moving forward and five man HORNET teams (duties are harassment and general hell-raising) are being launched.
Should contingency two occur, meaning that PBSUCCESS does not initiate the revolutionary attempt, we are readying all our assets to the point where we can throw all our effort into the fight within hours. All organizations have selected DZ’s to be used on D-day or shortly thereafter and our air section is ready to fly the supplies which are already prepared. Since the organizers and radio operators are departing shortly it is expected that they will be in position prior to any unexpected revolutionary attempt.
Rest assured that action will ensue and probably in the very near future. Especially since during the time of this writing the word has gone out to launch the HORNET teams. There is the possibility that the actions of these teams may be enough to bring already strained atmosphere to a breaking point.
In order to broaden our perspective somewhat it would be appreciated if you would keep LINCOLN informed as to the atmosphere and sentiment within WSBURNT city during the forthcoming days and, of course, tell us of any restrictions and military police movements within the city and the surrounding area which have a bearing on the tactical situation.
When the revolution begins we would like to know when the time has arrived that Calligeris could, with a reasonable degree of safety (50–50 chance) fly into the main airport: in effect, make a triumphal entry which would sway any recalcitrant oppositionists to our point of view. We expect to get reports on the tactical situation through our radio operators but feel that it is necessary to get your viewpoint also.
Jerome C. Dunbar3
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79–01025A, Box 75, Folder 6. Secret; RYBAT; PBSUCCESS. Drafted by Dunbar.
  2. See Document 175.
  3. Printed from a copy that bears this typed signature.