690D.95/5–1551: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Pakistan


782. Re urtel 1067, May 15. FYI. While we do not wish accept Liaquat troop offer in exchange US complete and unqualified support on Kashmir and Pushtoon issues, we continue hope some means can be found convince GOP send division to Korea. We are tentatively considering possible counter-offer variation ur suggestion (2), by which US might offer equip and maintain Pak division in Korea. We expect discuss with Defense Dept and will advise later.

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Liaquat proposal unacceptable since logical developments US supporting GOP these issues wld be (a) complete alienation GOI and GOA, (b) limitation US freedom of action re complex present and future issues in Asia. Moreover, offer provide troops, which is GOP responsibility under UN Charter in rendering best available support for UN action against aggression, shld not be accepted as bargaining equivalent in return for far-reaching political support on other issues not directly related Korea. We wish keep these various issues separated, dealing with each on merits, although recognizing GOP security problem common element in all these issues.