690D.95/5–1551: Telegram

The Ambassador in Pakistan (Warren) to the Secretary of State


1067. I considered it desirable speak PM direct rather than make an approach FonOff on substance of Deptel 727, May 11. Liaquat said bluntly that now is the time for decision. If US prepared accept as fact Paks desire to move with us not only in Korea but also in Middle [Page 2205]East and to commit themselves irrevocably to the issues that he believes are shared by the Amer people as well as the people of Pak, then US must give him a commitment that will assure his people.

Specifically he said if we want one or more division for use in Korea out of seven now under arms in Pak he is prepared to move with us but we must support him against Nehru’s defiance of the UN with the threat of a rigged election1 in Kashmir this summer. Similarly he feels we shld bring our influence to bear in Afghan and put an end to what he regards the Pooshtoon nonsense.

When I inquired specifically if he wld make a division available for service in Korea he replied affirmatively provided we commit ourselves to his support just as we ask him to make a decision which he considers an irrevocable tie to the West.

Based on my estimate of his attitude I recommend as a minimum:

That we give immed consideration to a declaration strengthening the res on Kashmir under which Graham2 will operate by urging on the other members of SC that holding of proposed election to Con Assembly in Kashmir rigged by Sheik Abdullah Govt backed by GOI shall be condemned or alternatively we undertake use our influence with GOI to prevent its taking place;
That we say to PM that offer of Pak infantry division will be most helpful if it were made immed available for service in Korea and inquire what assistance we might give in advancing its expedition;
That we ask Liaquat what practical assistance he needs to reinforce his mil and industrial posture to assist in defense of Middle East from Commie aggression.

  1. Reference is presumably to a proposed constituent assembly to be held in Indian-controlled Kashmir under the auspices of its Prime Minister, Mohammad Abdullah.
  2. Frank P. Graham, appointed United Nations Representative for India and Pakistan by the Security Council on April 30, 1951.