357.AB/2–1551: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the India


1291. Embtels 2090, Feb 14, 2035, Feb 10. You may convey Bajpai fol US views Kashmir:

US attaches great importance early settlement Kashmir issue. Last Mar when SC instructed Dixon proceed subcontinent we were hopeful his efforts wld result progress toward settlement this longstanding issue. Altho Sir Owens submitted his report Sep 15 SC has not, as you know, resumed hearings Kashmir case. US believes SC must address itself immed future Kashmir problem and point out to parties method making progress toward prompt solution this issue. We believe Council may wish bear in mind fol points difference between parties as outlined Dixon’s report: a) procedure for and extent demilitarization State preparatory holding plebiscite; b) degree of control over exercise functions govt in State necessary ensure free and fair plebiscite.
We believe further SC must address itself Kashmir Natl Conf Oct 1950 res.
US has discussed with UK various proposals SC action. We do not believe it advisable discuss in advance substance these proposals with parties but will be fully prepared present our views when SC meets. We sincerely hope India and Pak will give fullest consideration proposals put forth SC and both countries will cooperate fully working toward prompt solution this issue.

FYI only we propose co-sponsor with UK res providing appt UN rep who wld: 1) After consulting parties, effect demilitarization; 2) present detailed plans carrying out plebiscite. We favor Bunche UN rep (Embtel 2063, Feb 13) and are awaiting UK concurrence before approaching Syg and Bunche (Deptel 1270, Feb 12).1 We believe possibility utilization Nimitz PleBad shld be left open because great difficulties opening question incumbency PlebAd wld entail this stage, and fact parties have agreed his selection. We do not underestimate Indian opposition Nimitz but believe Pak has right be assured every effort will be made by US carry out original commitment given re his services as PlebAd.2

  1. Same as telegram 3765, to London, February 12, p. 1723.
  2. Ambassador Henderson replied in telegram 2156, from New Delhi, February 17, that he had conveyed to Bajpai the U.S. views on Kashmir outlined in the Department’s telegram 1291 of February 15 (357.AB/2–1751).